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About Sztajer’s Martial Arts
in Randallstown, MD

Meet David Sztajer

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Sztajer’s Martial Arts in Randallstown
6th Degree Black Belt

Sztajer’s Martial Arts is your one stop shop for all your fitness and personal development needs. We are a family-friendly martial arts school with personal safety and achievement based learning at the core of our curriculum.

We specialize in American Kenpo Karate, yoga, cardio kickboxing, sparring and weapons  and are excited to help you on your journey to learn these martial arts. It’s also a journey of self-discovery and unleashing the inner giant within you. It’s a positive place the WHOLE FAMILY will love!

You’ll see and feel that family friendliness the minute you walk through the doors. We promote a safe and non-competitive environment where EVERYONE is able to participate - regardless of age, shape, size, fitness level or anything else. Everyone is welcome here with open arms and a warm smile.  

We love to inspire families to spend quality time together, to laugh, play and believe in each other. We do all that and so much more!  

Beginners & All Skill Levels Welcome! Our team takes a well-planned and organized approach to teaching beginners that focuses on the basics of martial arts, proper body conditioning, self-defense and most importantly, FUN! After all, all work and no play is boring, right?

There’s nothing boring about our classes though because martial arts + fitness fun = a winning combination!

We want people to be able to relax, have fun and learn the basics with zero nervousness or pressure to compete. In fact, anyone who has a big ego or thinks they’re here to outdo everyone else can check that big ego at the door.

If you’re a BEGINNER, keep in mind that everyone here, students and instructors alike, were once in your shoes so we understand that you may be a little nervous. Fear not though because we will always be encouraging and supportive, cheering you on whenever you accomplish something big or small. In fact, there are so many high fives flying around here, you’ll lose count.

Martial arts is a great way for both kids and adults to connect with their body, mind and spirit, as you gain…

  • Skyrocketing focus and confidence
  • A super fit and healthy body
  • Inner strength and endurance
  • A calm, peaceful mind and less stress
  • Goal setting and follow through skills

You may think that martial arts training would cost an arm and a leg, but it’s actually a low-cost activity… with PRICELESS benefits. We like to call it “affordable excellence.”  

Check out the super-low, RISK-FREE web special going on right now. Classes fill up fast because it’s such a great deal so reserve your spot today and watch your life change in amazing ways!

Kids get a kick out of putting the POW in powerful punches, epic kicks and spot on strikes. All these cool self-defense techniques work your entire body and will WOW your friends and family!

Your child will learn how to be BULLY-PROOF and how to spot sticky situations so they can walk away before things get ugly. They will develop courage and confidence and have the know how skills to defend themselves, if they ever feel threatened.  

These self-defense techniques are also an excellent way for adults to feel empowered, confident and ready to protect themselves and family, if necessary.

At Sztajer’s Martial Arts, your goals are our goals and we have passionate and dedicated instructors to meet your needs and push you to your limits. Actually, they will help you push past your limits so that you can reach your full potential. Imagine what you can be, do and have once you realize how much you can accomplish! 

The instructors here are all highly qualified and dedicated to the martial arts. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle that they are very passionate about. They stress the importance of having a positive mental attitude and always doing your best.

Your life is about to get amazing in totally unexpected ways! We look forward to joining you on your journey to being the best you can be while getting in the best shape of your life and achieving Black Belt level skills. See you soon!

Head Instructor

Mr. Sztajer started studying Kenpo when he was 13 years old in Reisterstown, Maryland. After three and a half years, he achieved his first degree black belt under Mr. Karl Petro and Mrs. Leslie Lichter-Mason. He has taught in multiple Kenpo studios over the years including Joe Palanzo 's Kenpo Karate Studios, Carroll County Kenpo Karate Studios and Xtreme Mpact Karate Studios.

Mr. Sztajer has been teaching for over 15 years and achieved 5th degree black belt in June of 2011. During his journey, he has been under multiple high ranking black belts including: Mr. Joe Palanzo 10th degree, Mr. Mike Guerccio 6th degree and now Mr. Francisco Vigoroux 8th degree.

On July 17, 2015, Mr. Francisco Vigoroux certified him as a 6th degree black belt under Vigoroux Kenpo Karate Systems.

Sztajer’s Martial Arts has been open since October of 2014. You can see many of our testimonials on Yelp and several other sites. We are the flag ship school for Vigoroux International Instructors Alliance in Baltimore.

How to Get Started

Come join our Randallstown, MD Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Birthday Parties, Adult Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, and Weapons. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (410) 218-0894 if you have any further questions. Sztajer’s Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!

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